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Neutralityheading into the US involvement in WWII…our focus will be on the United States….here is the standard we are working with…

From Isolation to World War (1930-1945)

The isolationist approach to foreign policy meant U.S. leadership in world affairs diminished after World War I. Overseas, certain nations saw the growth of tyrannical governments that reasserted their power through aggression and created conditions leading to the Second World War. After Pearl Harbor, the United States entered World War II, which changed the country’s focus from isolationism to international involvement.

AND MORE SPECIFICALLY…During the 1930s, the U.S. government attempted to distance the country from earlier interventionist policies in the Western Hemisphere as well as retain an isolationist approach to events in Europe and Asia until the beginning of WWII…AND THEN ON TO…The United States mobilization of its economic and military resources during World War II brought significant changes to American society.



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