snow day…

download (1) well that was a lil unexpected…so we all just got a lil longer weekend – with that said – I am already scheduled to be out tomorrow – Wednesday – so what i was going to set up today for you to then finish tomorrow (a lil SHEG action) will be a little bit different and more in your hands – all the information is up in the classroom – there is a reading/questions there as well as a video to watch – and don’t forget you also have your word cloud to work on…that due date may change a lil – but not by much – there is new requirement for the word cloud – read the document – and i also put in some instructions for a different word cloud generator site – it as worked in the past – this is also the list of docs there and links below as to where to find more documents – DO NOT JUST GOOGLE IT AND GIVE ME DOCS THAT ARE NOT PRIMARY SOURCES – I WILL NOT ACCEPT – there is also a link to the IMC page you can use – use the US history tab – the reading you will be doing on Wednesday is from this Gale site so you will have a little bit of exposure…go searching around and find some good stuff – you should have had exposure to this site in other classes

bring head phones tomorrow….

follow the instructions on Google classroom…

the password for the Galesites is “knights”

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