progressive movement

slide_2we are working toward finishing up chap 6 – progressivism – students are working on 2 different project depending on their class – here are some ideas to think about as your write your essays – download-3

  1. what is the background – the who – what – where – when – significance – etc – why did this event happen – who was involved – set the context – what is happening in history at this time…be specific – use your notes from class – find illustrations and laws/Acts that PROVE this happened –
  2. what did the progressives do to help fight/solve this issue – be specfic – what laws were past or how did they organize around this issue – ??
  3. HONORS – how is this topic still with us in 2016 – why do you think that is?…dive in and think a lil bit deeper about this topic in 2016…there might not be a right or wrong answer –
  4. CP – for you guys – think about the cloud you created – how do those words that appear the largest reflect the time period and the issue…


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