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i came across these two podcasts lately and each ties in directly with what we are covering in class – one on immigration and our struggle with it over the years – and one about the history of marijuana in our society – both of the these podcasts reach back in the history we are dealing with in class and both are very relevant to what our country is going through right now in 2016 – another example of then and now – much like the projects we just finished in the honors

pick one of these – and think and write about the following…

  1. what are the relevant points to our work in class, be specific and cite things we have went over in class and how these fit into what we are studying.
  2. just reflect – why are we still struggling with these issues after all these years – some back to even the founding fathers…what are the underlying fears??
  3. how do you think the future will judge this point in history – how do we look back on some of the struggles discussed on these podcasts and in class – how do you think that will play out in the future.

i have not quite decided if this will be something we do as a class – or maybe a nice big bonus op – but i just wanted to get this post up so that i had a reminder…:-)

i also think this might be a good opportunity to tap into and new sense to learn – just listen – you can do this one your phones if you like – if iphone you just go to podcast app and search either of these two out – or you can to the same thing via other apps – like Stitcher – or the NPR1 app…examples are below – I also think you can listen to podcasts via Spotify as well…

the rubric being used – thanks to some collaboration with English teachers…



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