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  • I am currently teaching U.S. History since the Civil War for the 2014-15 school year and hold a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Kent State University, a B.S. in Education from Kent, and a B.A. in Political Science and History from The University of Akron. I also have an additional 30 grad hours in History and Economics.  While at Nordonia I have served on various committees including  Chairman of the District’s Health and Wellness Committee; creator of the P.A.S.S. program, a peer-mentoring program for students transitioning to Nordonia High School; and have also served on the high school Continuous Improvement Team. In the past I have coached Cross Country, Track, Soccer, and started the Polar Knights winter training program for students and staff.  I also had the opportunity to serve on an Ohio Dept of Education Advisory Committee and currently serve as an ODE Regional Leader for Social Studies.  At the district level I also serve as a member of the Labor Relations Committee, and am currently the NHEA President. In the next year 2016-17, I have the privilege of working with student council and we all work to build a more supportive Nordonia community.
  • In my free time I enjoy a variety of endurance sports, including trail running, cycling, triathlon, cyclocross and spending time with my dog Luna (she accompanies me on most of my adventures).

if anyone is interested in what exactly cyclocross racing is all about…HERE U GO…this is a compilation for various races in Europe…it does give a good “flavor” of all that is involved even though it is Euro racing…Cyclocross season starts in the Fall – it happens to be my favorite time of year and my favorite way to race a bike…

some short track mountain biking…

short track short track2









Some fall CX action – 

Stark Velo CX event…:-)…and at Gearfest around Dayton.










State Championship cyclocross race – silver medal a couple years ago and bronze two years ago and this past year I was state masters champ…what is gonna happen this year – have to wait til November to find out.






Had the opportunity to go to the Masters World Championships in Cyclocross 3 years ago, it was a little bittersweet – great qualifying race but then had a bike mishap that had me out of contention for the final…it was a fun weekend overall, but still a bit disappointing….the pic below is from Masters World Championship, that picture showed up on the Cyclocross Magazine website…was sitting pretty good until my bike malfunction…#14 went on to finish 5…and number 15 finished 11th…beat both of the guys in the qualifying race…yep it was a bummer…that’s racing though…and #15 is just getting ready to wipe out right in front of me, that took me off my bike as well…;-)

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