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As we have discussed in class there are many “repeats” in history – themes that we can see emerge again and again – from Nativism and fear of immigrants to economic issues, race problems, etc – so i want you to think about the period we are studying and compare it/find it in our society today (by today I mean 2015 into 2017) – I want us to think about those themes and to illustrate examples from the past and present.

download (1)I want each of you to pick a theme from the the time period we are working on and document that theme both visually and in written form…then illustrate how that theme/issue is still relevant today using twitter #’s or other social media to capture those moments in the present day…use social media as evidence that this issue/theme/problem is still with us or we are still struggling with (2)

Then showcase that work using a web based outlet – like storify – a blog – Google – Youtube – some other examples might be Tackk and  Smore… there also might be another app you might want to try, if so – run it by me and let me know – here is another example, something called slack… and another one to check out Lino…and don’t forget you have great resources through the IMC…download (1)

Have an audio element, visual element, text element integrated in the final project – think about this like you are telling a story…

some other ideas for you…Animoto and you might want to try Glogster...

Rationale:  work on your digital literacy – help you build a positive digital “footprint” – it is a “tool not a toy” – help your writing – research – collaboration – cooperation – compromise fun – learning

found this great link to civil rights images...

here is a link to the Google cultural site – 

RUBRIC – updated – this is it as of 4/13

here is a lil example for you – a senior that is done already b/c they are leaving to do the intern experience – lil note here – just because i am posting does not imply that this project is perfect – or an A B C D – just an example of what is possible…

download (1)